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Santa Cruz Megatower CC

Picked by: Justin Cianciolo

Experience the ultimate in versatility with the Santa Cruz Megatower CC—an exceptional mountain bike that blurs the lines between downhill prowess and all-terrain exploration. Its large wheels, generous travel, and rugged carbon fiber frame provide the confidence-inspiring stability reminiscent of a downhill machine.

What sets the Megatower apart is its ingeniously designed geometry, featuring a relatively steep seat tube angle and size-specific adjustments. This innovation ensures that the Megatower excels not only in downhill thrills but also in pedaling efficiency, making it a formidable choice for conquering gravity-defying descents, epic mountain trails, and adrenaline-pumping DH park laps alike. With the Megatower CC, you're equipped to tackle any terrain and elevate your riding experience to new heights.

Specialized Stumpjumper Evo Expert

Picked by: Greg Hamill

The all-new Stumpjumper EVO Expert redefines trail domination with unrivaled control, exceptional bump-eating suspension, and a meticulously adjustable geometry. This trail-blazing marvel is not just another bike—it's your ticket to conquering any trail, no matter how rugged or challenging.

Crafted to perfection, the Stumpjumper EVO Expert boasts a build that harmonizes quality, affordability, and durability, making it the ultimate companion for riders seeking excellence on any terrain. With this bike by your side, you'll have the confidence to tackle trails of all types, from technical descents to exhilarating ascents. Embrace the Stumpjumper EVO Expert and elevate your trail-riding experience to the highest level of performance and adventure.

Transition Sentinel

Picked by: Ben Reisse

Prepare to embrace a mountain biking experience like no other with the Transition Sentinel—an embodiment of confidence that equates to wearing full body armor on the trail.

This versatile trail conqueror effortlessly blurs the boundaries between an unshakable sender of epic descents and a playful, agile trail companion. Whether you're chasing EWS aspirations or simply indulging in a weekend escape, the Sentinel empowers you to reach your full potential. It's so intuitively responsive that you'll find yourself conquering lines, nailing jumps, and executing maneuvers that once seemed out of reach. Where you used to circumvent obstacles, you'll now soar over them. What was once a strenuous push becomes a breezy pedal, and gentle rolls transform into exhilarating boosts. Embrace the Transition Sentinel and redefine your trail-riding journey with newfound mastery and exhilaration.

Santa Cruz Tallboy

Picked by: Elliot Friedman

The Santa Cruz Tallboy is more than just a bike—it's a trusted companion for riders who demand unwavering performance in the face of challenging terrain. This legendary trailblazer has cultivated a devoted following among those who seek a dependable ride capable of withstanding the rigors of power-packed hot laps or epic journeys through the trails.

At the heart of the Tallboy lies its highly refined VPP™ suspension, a masterpiece that seamlessly merges pedaling efficiency with the ability to devour even the most rugged bumps and obstacles. This isn't just a mountain bike; it's a gravity riders' dream and an XC champion rolled into one. With the Tallboy, you'll conquer the trails with confidence, whether you're tackling aggressive descents or embarking on epic cross-country adventures.

Banshee Paradox

Picked by: Justin Cianciolo

Keith at Banshee Bikes embarked on a journey of reinvention, leaving no aspect of the frame untouched as he meticulously considered, designed, refined, and optimized every element. The result is nothing short of extraordinary—a hardtail that has bid farewell to its past identity, with not a single part remaining from the V2.

At the core of the Paradox V3 project was the relentless pursuit of optimal vertical compliance and vibration damping. Employing cutting-edge FEA technology, we meticulously fine-tuned the dropouts and yoke designs to intentionally craft controlled vertical flex.

With its aggressive geometry, bespoke hydroformed tubeset, and internally ribbed stays, the Paradox V3 delivers an unmatched riding experience. All this dedicated effort culminates in a hardtail that is, quite simply, a joy to ride all day long.

Specialized Stumpjumper Pro

Picked by: Julian Kennedy

The Stumpjumper Pro stands as the pinnacle of versatility—an instrument designed to expand your horizons and conquer every imaginable terrain. At its core lies the FACT 11m carbon frame, the same one found on our S-Works Stumpjumper, boasting unrivaled lightweight performance and an entirely new realm of suspension kinematics.

This remarkable bike effortlessly conquers quad-searing ascents, making uphill battles a mere formality, while descending with a ferocity that sets the trails ablaze. In essence, it's a trailblazer in every sense.

Elevating the experience, the Stumpjumper Pro is equipped with SRAM's XO1 Eagle AXS 12-speed drivetrain and FOX Factory suspension, amplifying the 'bang for the buck' factor to levels that match the bike's sheer brilliance. Embark on a journey of limitless exploration with the Specialized Stumpjumper Pro—where your boundaries expand, and your horizons stretch farther than ever before.

Santa Cruz 5010

Picked by: Dave Powell

Prepare to be astounded by the Santa Cruz 5010—the undisputed champion of trail handling. This isn't just 'the little bike' in the Santa Cruz lineup; it's a trail-blazing dynamo that transforms even the most ordinary trails into playgrounds of endless possibilities. Riding it feels like having superpowers right at your fingertips.

The 5010 has consistently exceeded expectations, showcasing capabilities that leave riders in awe. Now, with the addition of a traction-boosting 29-inch wheel up front and further refined suspension, the 5010 takes trail mastery to new heights. It's your key to a nimble, skillful touch on the trails, empowering you to effortlessly navigate terrain that was once considered challenging. Embrace the Santa Cruz 5010 and embark on a trail-riding journey where every ride is a testament to its unmatched handling prowess.

Transition Smuggler

Picked by: Kris Salerno

Much like the trusty tool you instinctively reach for in any situation, the Transition Smuggler is the ultimate go-to bike for every imaginable trail adventure. It effortlessly conquers terrain that points up, down, and in all directions.

Boasting dual 29-inch wheels, 130mm of rear travel, and 140mm up front, the Smuggler emerges as the true workhorse of our lineup—a paragon of versatility. Its highly progressive leverage curve and ergonomic, confidence-inspiring geometry ensure a ride that's always eager to tackle mile after mile, maintaining unwavering stability even on the most technically demanding terrain.

Sitting squarely between the Spur and Sentinel in terms of travel, geometry, and capability, the Smuggler combines the best of both worlds. It's an inspiration to push your limits on your favorite singletrack, while never hindering your progress when the trail turns steep. With the Smuggler, every trail becomes a source of pure enjoyment.

Transition Sentinel Carbon
$4,499.00 - $6,399.00 $6,299.00 - $7,999.00 Up To 44% Savings
Transition Smuggler Carbon
$4,250.00 - $8,499.00 $5,999.00 - $8,499.00 Up To 50% Savings
Santa Cruz Tallboy Carbon C S
$4,649.00 - $5,499.00 $5,499.00 Up To 15% Savings
Transition Smuggler Alloy
$2,999.00 - $2,999.99 $3,999.00 Up To 25% Savings