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Specialized Diverge

Picked by: Dave Powell

Unleash your passion for gravel riding with the Specialized Diverge, the pinnacle of versatility and performance. Whether you're embarking on epic gravel adventures or seeking speed on rough terrain, the Diverge is your perfect companion. 

Equipped with Future Shock 1.5 technology and cutting-edge gravel geometry, this bike offers a blend of agility, stability, and confidence, even in challenging conditions. With class-leading tire clearance and over four decades of riding expertise behind it, the Diverge redefines what's possible in the world of gravel biking. Get ready to chart new paths and redefine your gravel riding experience with the Specialized Diverge.

Santa Cruz Stigmata

Picked by: Ben Reisse

Experience the Santa Cruz Stigmata, where the boundaries between versatile drop-bar singletrack conqueror and high-performance gravel race winner blur into exhilarating possibilities. Whether you're gearing up for a major cycling event, seeking adventure on uncharted roads, or reveling in the thrill of the toughest terrains, the Stigmata is your ideal companion. 

Whether you prefer a laid-back or race-ready riding style, this bike embodies speed and agility, always eager to tackle any challenge in its path. With the Santa Cruz Stigmata, every ride becomes an opportunity to push your limits and explore new horizons.

Specialized CruX

Picked by: Julian Kennedy

Meet the Specialized CruX, a masterpiece of gravel biking innovation. Impossibly light, with frame weights starting at just 725g for S-Works 12r and 825g for 10r, it's a climbing virtuoso that effortlessly conquers challenging terrain while barely tipping the scales. 

Designed with a generous 47c/650b x 2.1" tire clearance, this bike unlocks boundless possibilities, taking you to places you've only dreamed of with unmatched speed.

Its nimble and responsive nature, combined with performance gravel geometry, pays homage to the CruX's legendary cyclocross heritage, making it the ultimate choice for gravel enthusiasts seeking enlightenment on every ride.