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Light & Motion Seca Race 2000

Picked by: Andrew Monger

Experience the pinnacle of trail lighting with the Light & Motion Seca Race 2000. This exceptional bike light boasts a powerful 2000-lumen output, setting the standard for brightness and clarity on the trail. Its cutting-edge technology, including a 4 LED array with CREE LEDs, custom optics, and advanced electronics, ensures a wide, evenly distributed beam pattern that enhances your forward visibility.

The Seca 2000 Race also features a convenient 'Race Mode' that allows you to toggle between high and medium output on the fly. With a waterproof design, this light is built to withstand any weather conditions, and its various mounting options, including helmet, handlebar, and GoPro compatibility, offer versatile placement possibilities.

Illuminate your rides with confidence and discover the unmatched performance of the Seca Race 2000, the ultimate trail companion.

Outbound Lighting Hangover 

Picked by: Julian Kennedy

Introducing the Outbound Lighting Hangover, a lighting marvel that gets its name from the iconic Sedona trail, not the dreaded "brew flu." Outbound Lighting harnessed their extensive automotive optics expertise to craft the most compact, helmet-mounted light in the market.

Don't be fooled by its sleek design; the Hangover delivers brilliant illumination carefully tailored for trail riding. Relentless prototyping efforts have perfected the beam pattern, ensuring it fills your entire field of vision with light, not just a narrow spot down the trail. Say goodbye to surprises on the path, and hello to an enhanced shredding experience.

With a robust 90-minute runtime on strong output and the convenience of USB speed-charging on the fly, the Hangover is your trusty companion weighing in at only 100 grams. Proudly crafted in Illinois, it's a testament to American craftsmanship fueled by good coffee and homegrown talent. Elevate your night rides with the Hangover – your beacon of adventure.

Outbound Lighting Trail Evo

Picked by: Dave Powell

Meet the Outbound Lighting Trail Evo, a culmination of Outbound Lighting's extensive experience in designing automotive optics, now packaged into a remarkable bike light.

Designed with the rigorous demands of trail riding in mind, the Trail Evo boasts a panoramic and impeccably even beam pattern. They've meticulously fine-tuned every aspect to ensure optimal peripheral vision, because on the trail, your surroundings matter just as much as what's directly ahead.

Their quick-release mount, inspired by the ingenuity of camera accessories, keeps your light precisely where you want it. With a robust runtime of over 150 minutes at full power and the added convenience of on-the-go USB charging, the Trail Evo is your reliable partner on the trail.

Crafted with pride and expertise in Chicago, IL, this light embodies American craftsmanship at its finest. Illuminate your adventures with the Trail Evo, a testament to the commitment of quality and performance.