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OneUp Components EDC Pump 

Picked by: Dave Powell

The OneUp Components EDC Pump is more than just a pump – it's a seamless storage solution designed to simplify your cycling experience. This high-volume pump integrates perfectly with the EDC Tool System, CO2 canister, or any other essentials you want to carry. Crafted from durable aluminum with a textured machined finish, it's built to endure the rigors of your rides.

When you're out on the trails, speed is of the essence. With a generous 100cc capacity and weighing only 160g, this pump offers the highest volume-to-weight ratio available. No more countless strokes to inflate your tube or struggling with tubeless setups. It gets you back on your bike in no time.

The fast-on head securely attaches to Presta valves, preventing bending, breaking, or unseating, and eliminates the risk of unscrewing your valve core. Choose between two sizes: the 100cc pump, capable of holding the EDC Tool and a 20g CO2 or EDC Tool and the Storage Capsule, or the compact 70cc pump, ideal for the EDC Tool (without the Storage Capsule) or a 20g CO2. With an integrated CO2 inflator, weatherproof internals, and a bottle cage mount, this pump is your trusted trail companion. Rely on the OneUp EDC Pump for efficient, hassle-free repairs, so you can get back to enjoying your ride.

Specialized Zee Cage + Tool

Picked by: Greg Hamill

Elevate your trailside preparedness with the Specialized Zee Cage and integrated EMT Cage Mount MTB Tool, a dynamic duo designed to enhance your biking experience. This innovative combo equips you with all the essential tools needed to tackle on-the-go repairs during your ride.

The Zee Cage stands out as both lightweight and impressively robust, ensuring your bottle remains securely in place even when the trail becomes unforgiving. What sets it apart is the unique side-loading design, allowing for convenient bottle access from either the right or left side, depending on your frame's configuration.

This package includes the EMT Cage Mount MTB Tool, featuring key tools such as 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm, T25 Torx, and a #1 flathead screwdriver. It's your reliable trailside companion, ready to handle common mechanical issues and keep you riding with confidence.

The SWAT™ design further enhances this setup, providing storage and tool integration right where you need it. Whether it's a quick adjustment or a more complex repair, the Specialized Zee Cage and integrated tool have got you covered. With right-hand loading on the down tube and left-hand loading on the seat tube, you can easily access your tools and stay prepared no matter where your adventure takes you.

Park Tool WH-1 Wheel Holder

Picked by: Julian Kennedy 

Elevate your wheel maintenance and repair with the Park Tool WH-1 Wheel Holder, designed to be your steadfast workshop companion. No more wrestling with wheels between your knees or relying on help. This holder firmly secures thru axle and quick-release wheels in three convenient positions, making tasks like cleaning, tire and tube work, hub maintenance, cassette changes, and tubeless installations a breeze.

The WH-1 is like having an extra pair of hands to keep your wheels stable during a wide range of tasks. It can be securely bolted or clamped directly to your workbench or installed in a bench vise for maximum versatility.

This versatile tool offers quick and easy access for a variety of wheel-related jobs, including wheel building, cassette removal and installation, tire and tube work, tubeless tire maintenance, general cleaning, and hub servicing. It securely holds your wheel at vertical, 35 degrees from vertical, and horizontal positions, ensuring you can tackle any task with ease.

The WH-1 accommodates 12, 15, and 20mm thru axles as well as 5mm skewers, making it compatible with a wide range of wheel setups. Crafted with an E-Nickel finish, it's built to last and provide you with the durability needed for years of dependable service in your workshop.

Feedback Sports Range Torque Ratchet

Picked by: John Lawrence

Elevate your bike maintenance with the Feedback Sports Range Torque Ratchet. This innovative combo simplifies the art of proper bike maintenance by seamlessly merging the precision of a bar-style torque wrench with the speed of a 2-way ratchet wrench. It's a game-changer for anyone who values accuracy and efficiency.

No more fumbling around to find the right torque setting or searching for the correct bits. With this compact and lightweight tool, you can select the appropriate bit from the labeled inserts, use the ratchet for quick thread engagement, and then utilize the torque head to meet the manufacturer's specifications for the ideal torque.

The Range Torque Ratchet is built for speed and precision. It offers infinite torque capabilities within the 2-10Nm range, making it versatile for various bike components. The 2-way ratchet wrench is designed to safeguard the integrity of the torque wrench function while delivering 6-degree ratchet engagement for easy maneuvering in tight spaces.

The comprehensive set includes 14 labeled S2 Steel bits covering the most common bicycle applications, ensuring you have the right tool for the job. With a focus on accuracy and durability, this tool features a user 'zero' to guarantee precise torque measurement every time. It's 3rd-party tested and validated for accuracy and longevity, exceeding ISO standards for your peace of mind.

Upgrade your bike maintenance game with the Feedback Sports Range Torque Ratchet, a tool designed to meet your precision and efficiency needs.

Park Tool THH-1 Sliding T-Handle Hex Wrench Set

Picked by: Elliot Friedman

Elevate your bike maintenance game with the Park Tool THH-1 Sliding T-Handle Hex Wrench Set. This meticulously designed set of eight professional-quality T-Handle hex wrenches covers a range of common sizes from 2mm to 10mm. Crafted from a carefully selected combination of Chrome Vanadium and S-2 tool steels, these wrenches are the epitome of speed, efficiency, leverage, and precision.

What sets the THH-1 apart is the anodized aluminum Speed Spinner, a unique addition that makes tightening or loosening long bolts quick and effortless. Machined, chamfered tips ensure smooth insertion into hex fittings, simplifying your maintenance tasks. Plus, the integrated "Strip-Gripper" twisted hex takes the hassle out of removing stripped or over-sized bolts, making your work faster and more efficient.

The sliding T-handle offers increased leverage and multiple access positions, allowing you to tackle various angles and hard-to-reach spots with ease. To keep your wrenches organized and within easy reach, the THH-1 comes with a handy tool holder. This holder can be mounted on any vertical surface, whether it's a pegboard, workbench, or tool chest, ensuring that your wrenches are always neatly stored and readily available for your next repair or adjustment. Step up your bike maintenance game with the Park Tool THH-1 Sliding T-Handle Hex Wrench Set.

Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic Repair Stand

Picked by: Ben Reisse

The Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic Repair Stand marks the evolution of our renowned repair stand lineage, building upon the stellar reputation of the Pro Elite. With upgraded clamp jaws, clutch components, and mast hardware, this Pro Mechanic is designed for enhanced durability, stability, and ease of use. This stand offers ultimate reliability and unmatched performance for mechanics and cyclists alike.

Key features include the patented, ratcheting action seatpost clamp with a spinner knob for rapid, one-handed operation and a convenient push-button release. The 360-degree rotating clamp design provides unrestricted access to all parts of your bicycle. With a height range from 42" to 67" (107-170cm), it accommodates various bike sizes.

It's suitable for servicing road, cyclocross, and XC mountain bikes within a working load range of 10-35lbs (4.5-16kg), with a maximum capacity of 75lbs (34kg). Despite its robust capabilities, this stand remains highly portable and compact, with a folded footprint of only 5" x 8" x 45" (13 x 20 x 115cm).

Plus, you can enjoy peace of mind with our 3-Year Warranty, and a full ensemble of repair parts is available for long-term serviceability. Elevate your bike repair experience with the Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic Repair Stand.