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Handup Jorts

Picked by: Kris Salerno

Introducing Handup Jorts - the ultimate blend of style and performance. These aren't just your typical shortie dungarees; they're a symbol of carefree adventure and undeniable coolness. Crafted with exceptional flexibility, you can effortlessly swing your leg over the saddle or even attempt a full split.

 Whether you're riding, hiking, mowing the lawn, or teeing off on the golf course, these Super Stretch Jorts are your go-to choice. And yes, they're perfect for cracking open a cold one too. Explore the limitless possibilities of Handup Jorts and redefine your casual comfort with a touch of rugged flair.

Dirt Rooster Long Sleeve Tee

Picked by: Dave Powell

Elevate your style with the Dirt Rooster Long Sleeve Tee. Whether you're shredding the trails at the bike park or simply enjoying a cold beverage at your favorite local spot, this Airlume Jersey ensures you're always looking sharp while representing your trusted bike shop. 

With a full set of sleeves for extra coverage, you can ride confidently and snag-free, all while showcasing your dirt-loving spirit. Upgrade your wardrobe and embrace comfort and versatility with the Dirt Rooster Long Sleeve Tee.

Tifosi Sledge Glasses

Picked by: Justin Cianciolo

Elevate your cycling experience with Tifosi Optics Sledge Glasses. These high-performance cycling sunglasses are the ultimate choice for riders at every skill level. Whether you're a leisurely cruiser or a competitive racer, the Sledge glasses are designed to enhance your performance while ensuring comfort during even the most grueling rides. 

Their versatile dark lenses are perfectly suited for both sunny days and overcast skies, offering just the right level of tint to minimize glare and shield your eyes from harmful UV rays. Say goodbye to compromise and embrace the Sledge glasses for an unparalleled cycling journey.

Handup AT+ Pants & Shorts

Picked by: Dave Powell

Introducing the Handup A.T. (All Time) PLUS Pants and Shorts, your go-to choice for all your adventures. We've upgraded these essentials to be more durable, quick-drying, and flexible, ensuring they can handle everything from challenging hikes to epic bike rides. 

After a week of camping, biking, and golfing, they still look as fresh as day one, proving their resilience. These pants and shorts are not just rugged; they're also versatile enough for any occasion, whether it's a casual Friday at work, a round of golf, or a day in the woods. So, gear up and experience comfort and durability that keeps you ready for whatever the day brings.

iXS Flow Evo+ Knee Guard

Picked by: Greg Hamill

The iXS Flow ZIP Knee Guard redefines knee protection for riders seeking a combination of lightweight comfort and premium safety. These knee guards are incredibly thin and light, ensuring you can focus on your ride without feeling encumbered. Designed in collaboration with mountain biking legend Hans Rey, these guards are compact enough to slip into any backpack, making them a versatile choice for your biking adventures.

 The integrated Xmatter padding delivers exceptional impact absorption and protection, offering peace of mind on challenging trails. iXS has introduced advanced features such as exchangeable padding and an improved AeroMesh design, providing both enhanced comfort and structural strength for a top-notch riding experience.

Handup A.T. Pants
$49.00 - $69.00 $54.00 - $69.00 Up To 29% Savings
Handup A.T. Shorts
$26.40 - $49.00 $44.00 - $49.00 Up To 46% Savings
Handup A.T. Plus Pants
$59.00 - $79.00 $59.00 - $79.00 Up To 25% Savings
Handup A.T. Plus Shorts
$35.28 - $55.00 $49.00 - $55.00 Up To 36% Savings
iXS Flow Evo+ Knee Guard
$79.88 - $99.90 $95.90 - $99.90 Up To 20% Savings
Dirt Rooster Rad Stuff Stretch Jorts
$41.40 - $59.99 $59.99 Up To 31% Savings
Tifosi Optics Sledge
$48.00 $79.95 40% Savings