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Bacon Ridge Group Ride

Sunday, December 12th
10AM - 1:00PM

Bacon Ridge is known for its flowy, cross-country trails that are suitable for all skill levels. Riders should be ready for a 13-15 mile ride with up to 1800 feet of elavation.

There will be 20 slots available for this ride.

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Frederick Watershed Multi-Group Ride

Sunday, November 14th
10AM - 1:30PM

Join us for a multi-group ride at the Frederick Water Shed! The "Shed" hosts a large selection of cross-country and downhill biking trails with plenty of gnarly jumps, drops, and turns.

There will be two groups: Intermediate and Advanced.

Please be advised, the terrain is rocky and technical (not great for beginners).

Intermediate Group

Includes a gravel pedal to the top of the water shed or a shuttle (TBD). We'll ride "Skink" to "Salamander" over to "Not the Road Climb" and finish with "Vandal" and a short gravel ride to the parking area.


Advanced Group

Our tenetive  route will be gravel to Skink and over to stage 1&2 of the Sheduro. From there we'll descend one of the DH trails and end with Super Steep.