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$4,749.00 - $6,299.00 $6,299.00 Up to 25% Off
We could tell you how Wild has the most powerful motor or battery capacity on the market. But we aren't going to. Wild takes us beyond such trivialities and into a world beyond power, where the ride is paramount, where the trails are endless and full of flow. Leave heavy, numb e-bikes behind and free your Wild.
MASTER OF FUN Riding a hardtail is a choice, not a compromise, and if you choose Laufey, you are choosing to squeeze every last drop of fun from every ride. You are here for a good time and Laufey is ready thanks to the low-slung, slack geometry, big fork, and that magic feel which comes from the clever frame design absorbing trail buzz and taking the sting out of bigger impacts. THAT MAGIC FEEL Designing a little bit of compliance into a frame adds comfort and also helps the bike track the ground better, especially at speed. Laufey's magic handling and composure when things get gnarly comes from that tuned rigidity and every tube has been carefully designed to offer the most fun, responsive ride possible. These are details you only notice when you push that little bit too hard and wonder how you got away with it! LOCKR: EVERYTHING YOU NEED, RIGHT AT HAND When it is time to shred Laufey is ready. Lockr is our downtube cargo bay, with the new OC bag and enough space for all the essential tools and whatever you need for short rides or longer days. READY TO ROCK GEOMETRY Take a slack, low slung frame. Add Steep and Deep to maximize maneuverability and a big 140mm fork for when things get crazy. Precision shaping of the chainstays to give lots of clearance for grippy 2.6" tires. That is the recipe for fun! USE IT TO HOLD TOOLS, OR YOU CAN DECIDE TO FILL IT WITH ENERGY GELS. TOUGH. SIMPLE. UNSTOPPABLE. Laufey is a bombproof hardtail, built to survive abuse. The factory fitted vinyl protects the downtube from the inevitable rock strikes and the internal cables are protected and hidden. ALWAYS READY NO MATTER WHAT TRAILS Whether you are riding XC, or hitting the local jump trail, Laufey is ready. Put on XC tires, or choose more aggressive rubber. The Trail Geometry is built for shredding but that also means that it is confidence-inspiring for newer riders.
THE MASTER OF FUN Riding a hardtail is a choice, not a compromise, and if you choose Laufey, you are choosing to squeeze every last drop of fun from every ride.
$3,999.99 - $5,299.00 $5,299.00 Up to 25% Off
Rise shook up the lightweight e-MTB world on its launch with its “more bike, less E” philosophy. Simply the most natural feeling ebike on the market, bringing riders closer to the trail and shattering expectations about how an ebike should ride.
FInd flow in every adventure. Rise SL offers 140mm of efficient suspension and a fast trail geometry giving a nimble, fun ride. Your best ride. That perfect trail. You feel connected to the dirt, pushing hard and in perfect control. These feelings are pure, and you live more brightly in these moments. Now, that experience just got better. Less E, More Bike. Ride further, ride faster. Because when you are having this much fun, you won’t want to stop. Perfect synergy. Your bike works with you to turn every trail, feature, and corner into pure joy. Low weight and natural assistance mean lightning reflexes and fun handling that connect you to the trail. Rise is ready to reshape the lightweight e-bike market once again. Leaner and keener than ever, with more energy packed into every gram. All about the ride. Rise connects you to the trail. Rise rewrites the rulebook on ebike handling, floating, popping, manualling, and slicing through the corners as it disappears into the distance.
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