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Bicycle Service Center

Bike Repair & Service

Revive Your Ride at Dirt Rooster Bicycles in Catonsville, Maryland

Is your trusty two-wheeler showing signs of wear and tear after countless adventures? Are you hearing the occasional creak or rattle that needs attention? At Dirt Rooster Bicycles, we're here to breathe new life into your beloved bike.

Our Bike Repair & Service page is your gateway to top-tier maintenance and care for your ride. From minor adjustments to comprehensive overhauls, our expert technicians are equipped to handle it all. We understand the connection between a rider and their bike, and we're committed to keeping that connection strong.

Weekly Group Rides

Weekly Group Rides

Embark on an exciting journey through the breathtaking trails of Patapsco Valley State Park, where camaraderie and mountain biking expertise collide. At Dirt Rooster Bicycles, we invite you to be part of our thriving community of riders, and as we explore the exhilarating terrain together, you'll not only shred the trails but also form lasting connections with fellow enthusiasts.

 Whether you're a seasoned rider seeking the thrill of challenging descents or a newcomer looking to discover the joy of off-road biking, our Weekly Group Rides offer a chance to bond with like-minded individuals while exploring the natural beauty of Maryland's trails. Get ready to roll with us, embrace the adventure, and make a memorable ride every week!

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