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Amplify your trail adventure with our premium fleet of rental bikes, featuring top models like the Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Expert, Transition Smuggler, and Santa Cruz Tallboy. Meticulously maintained for peak performance, these full-suspension mountain bikes are ready to conquer any terrain. Ready to ride? Reach out and reserve by phone or come into the shop and we'll get you rolling!

Rental Pricing

1 Day$100
3 Days$175
1 Week$250

Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Expert

Available Sizes: S2, S3, S4, S5 

Size Chart

Embark on trail mastery with our Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Expert rental, boasting unparalleled bump-eating suspension and finely tunable geometry for supreme control. This trail companion blends quality, affordability, and durability, offering a precision-engineered ride that conquers any terrain, making it the perfect partner for adventurous off-road pursuits.

Transition Smuggler

Available Sizes: Medium (X-Large Coming Soon)

Size Chart

Discover unmatched trail versatility with the Transition Smuggler rental—a dynamic all-rounder built for any trail orientation. Its dual 29-inch wheels, 130mm rear, and 140mm front travel offer adaptability, while a progressive leverage curve and confidence-inspiring geometry ensure comfort and stability across diverse terrain. 

Bridging the Spur and Sentinel, the Smuggler provides an inspiring and rewarding experience on singletracks, conquering steep trails with ease. Your go-to choice for adventure, this bike guarantees an enjoyable ride through every twist and turn, making it the ultimate trail companion.

Santa Cruz Hightower C S

Available Sizes: X-Large

Size Chart

Elevate your riding experience with our Santa Cruz Hightower C S rental—a pinnacle of precision engineering and versatility. This all-terrain marvel effortlessly blends generous wheel size, moderate travel, and minimal complications, making it the go-to model for those seeking excellence without extremes. 

With a harmonious balance of geometry, specifications, and durability, the Hightower consistently delivers exceptional performance on a variety of terrains. Whether you crave versatility or simply something exceptionally good, this bike is poised to elevate your every ride.

Santa Cruz Tallboy C R

Available Sizes: Large

Size Chart

Experience tailored perfection with our Santa Cruz Tallboy C R rental, where meticulous attention to detail ensures an optimal ride for every cyclist. Our innovative design matches chainstay length and seat angle to frame size, guaranteeing that riders of all heights enjoy a consistent balance of geometry and handling characteristics.

 To deliver a uniform ride quality, we customize stiffness for each size, addressing the unique stresses imposed by larger frames on bigger riders. With size-specific frame stiffness tunes, the Tallboy C R ensures that every rider, regardless of height, relishes a ride that is precisely tuned for their ultimate enjoyment.

Transition Spur

Available Sizes: (Small & Large Coming Soon)

Unlock a seamless connection to the trail with our Transition Spur rental—a bike that becomes an extension of your body. Effortlessly fast and efficient, it provides an anti-gravity feel and laser-pointer precision, encouraging you to climb higher and descend with newfound confidence.

Enjoy immediate speed and acceleration. Despite its lightweight and uphill-oriented design, the Spur effortlessly handles descents without requiring any adjustment. Prepare to navigate familiar trails with unmatched speed and precision, experiencing a ride that may pleasantly surprise you.

Santa Cruz 5010 C S

Available Sizes: (Small Coming Soon)

Unleash boundless adventure with our Santa Cruz 5010 C S rental—a bike that defies its "little bike" label, transforming mundane trails into a playground of possibilities. With the agility to hop, skip, and jump effortlessly, it provides a sensation of super-skills at your fingertips. 

Surpassing expectations, the 5010 features a traction-gaining 29-inch front wheel and refined suspension, delivering a deft touch on the trails. Elevate your ride with a bike that invites you to redefine the limits of what's possible on two wheels.

Colors, componentry, and availability subject to change.

Customer Reviews

Walk in and you're struck by the a wonderful team dynamic. Employee-owned and staffed with people who love bikes: building, fixing, and riding them, you sense that people here are kind to each other and want to help customers play outside more.

I came to demo a bike (Banshee Phantom) and test-ride some other short-travel 29ers in the parking lot. I got to demo the Banshee on an epic Tuesday night ride with the shop (almost 20 miles in Patapsco), led and swept by shop owners. The whole time, shop staff were working hard to help me explore bikes... not pushing anything at all... just moving fast so that I could test ride a half-dozen bikes with appropriate sag, even some that were in the box that same afternoon. They even did a quick consult/check on the front suspension of my current bike. The rental was also super affordable, at $75 for a high-end, well-spec'ed late model bike in perfect condition.

The 18 mile group ride was incredibly fun. The ride leaders create a fun, inclusive atmosphere that welcomes riders of varying levels, ages, and backgrounds. Over 20 riders showed up at 6 pm on a cold October Tuesday for the ride, which split into a faster and slower group from the start, each group led and swept by a ride leader. The slower group had a moving speed of 7 .5-9.5 mph in the park, with ample breaks for the slowest riders to catch up and catch their breath. The camaraderie was incredible, and several riders joined shop staff for dinner afterwards.

Every interaction I had over the 5 hours I spent with Dirt Rooster this week blended the very best pieces of professional, friendly, and fun-loving, I am so excited that this shop is in the area and look forward to future group rides and purchases with them.

Google Review

I rented a bike with a friend on a tight timeline from Dave. He was awesome and showed us exactly which trails would suit our ability and timeline and that we could ride from the shop.

 When we came back They asked how it was and were super excited to hear about our experience on their local trails. They made us feel welcome and they did not size us up like what often happens in bike shops out West. I very much appreciated my experience and will definitely be coming back the next time I’m in Maryland. Also, the shop is awesome and has tons of All Mountain inventory. Thanks!

Google Review

Specialized Demo Event, Nov. '22