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MTX Braking Gold Label Brake Pads

MTX Braking Gold Label Brake Pads
  • Type: Shimano XT / XTR / SLX 2-piston -GL121
  • Type: Sram Code - GL185
  • Type: Shimano 4-Piston ALL -TRP - GL131
  • Type: Shimano Road / XTR 9100 - GL141
  • Type: SRAM AXS/Red/Level Ult GL160
  • Type: Formula Cura 4 - GL255
  • Type: Hayes Dominion A4 - GL260
  • Type: Hope E4 - GL220
  • Type: Hope V4 - GL230
  • Type: Hope X2 - GL215
  • Type: Magura MT5 / MT7 -GL205
  • Type: Shimano Deore - GL111
  • Type: Sram G2 Guide / Avid XO Trail - GL175
$25.19 - $34.99
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Modulation coupled with longevity.

MTX Braking Gold Label HD ceramic brake pad were designed with e-mountain bikes & heavier riders in mind. Made with proprietary blends of Kevlar®, MTX CeraEVO® ceramic materials and other Japan-sourced additives and modifiers, they are bringing the performance benefit of ceramic to the cycling industry.

Durability - Gold Label HD ceramic is built for heavy bikes, heavy riders and extreme terrain.

Fade-Resistance - A compound created to offer incredible protection over heat-induced brake fade

Control - Maintain feeling and control at the lever all while maximizing power and heat-management

Who is the Gold Label HD compound for?

Right compound for the conditions

The heavier weight of a eMTB or e-bike in general, requires brake pad material that has a higher tolerance to heat and wear.

02.The clydesdales
If you’re 200+ pounds, this really is the performance brake pad compound you’ve been looking for.

03.Steep terrain / long descents

Choose Gold Label HD to eliminate brake-fade, while maintaining outstanding modulation in adverse terrain.


Ceramic Mountain Bike Brake Pads - Less Noise, More Power

When owner Kevin Gorzny of MTX Braking reached out to us, we didn't know what to make of his claims of increased performance and quiet power application. So he sent us a few sets of his aftermarket mountain bike brake pads to try out, both the Red Label Race and the Gold Label HD. If you come from a motorsports background where aftermarket pads are commonplace, it might have been obvious to you, but MTX's CeraEVO braking compound, created using all sorts of fancy ingredients like Kevlar, ceramic (yea, like you'd find at your local Pottery Barn ??), and copper, does make a noticeable difference in noise output, and increases your power output as well.

Part Numbers

Option MPN Store SKU
Formula Cura 4 - GL255
Hayes Dominion A4 - GL260
Hope E4 - GL220
Hope V4 - GL230
Hope X2 - GL215
Magura MT5 / MT7 -GL205
Shimano 4-Piston ALL -TRP - GL131 GL131 210000017369
Shimano Deore - GL111
Shimano Road / XTR 9100 - GL141 gl141 210000008484
Shimano XT / XTR / SLX 2-piston -GL121 GL121 210000008483
SRAM AXS/Red/Level Ult GL160 GL160 210000016975
Sram Code - GL185 GL185 210000008486
Sram G2 Guide / Avid XO Trail - GL175 GL175 210000008485