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MAKE THE MOUNTAIN YOUR PLAYGROUND Your bike should match your vision of the ride, adapting to whatever adventure your trail takes you on. Occam LT is the voice in your head telling you that you can push harder, stay off the brakes, and take it that bit further. Adventures can take you anywhere, and Occam LT is ready. Seriously light and tough with aggressive geometry, this is a bike for pushing your limits and enjoying yourself. Even on the rowdiest trails, the progressive suspension is smooth and supportive and works perfectly with coil shocks. Our improved Steep and Deep design is deeper than ever, with full insertion for a 230mm dropper on all frames.
THE MASTER OF FUN Riding a hardtail is a choice, not a compromise, and if you choose Laufey, you are choosing to squeeze every last drop of fun from every ride.
$4,799.99 - $6,599.00 $6,599.00 Up to 27% Off
RISE BEYOND A NEW STANDARD IN LIGHTWEIGHT EBIKES Rise shook up the lightweight e-MTB world on its launch with its "more bike, less E" philosophy. Simply the most natural feeling ebike on the market, bringing riders closer to the trail and shattering expectations about how an ebike should ride. Rise returns, lighter than ever and with more battery options, ready to open up longer adventures and take you to even more epic locations. SUPERCHARGE YOU Rider Synergy means that when you pedal harder, RISE responds instantly, multiplying your efforts and shooting you forward just as if you were fitter than ever. The instantaneous, lag-free, power and the way that it is delivered, means that it feels totally natural to be this strong and you just concentrate on the fun of riding. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE RIDE Obsessively removing weight means Rise is one of the lightest ebikes in this sector. Rise rewrites the rulebook on ebike handling, floating, popping, manualling, and slicing through the corners as it disappears into the distance. The reactive, exciting handling owes much to the lack of inertia, but frame rigidity is vital too. Our SBS system helps give a lighter, stiffer frame, meaning we can tune the rigidity much as we do for our non-electric bikes. MORE RIDING, LESS WEIGHT More range from smaller, lighter batteries is precisely what our 1.5X factor is all about. CONFIGURE RISE WITH THE BIGGER 540WH BATTERY, OR THE LIGHTER 360WH BATTERY, DEPENDING ON THE LENGTH OF YOUR TYPICAL RIDE. The beauty of our Modular Battery Solution is that you can add the Range Extender for the longest rides or leave that extra weight at home when you don't need it. CLOSER TO THE TRAIL Simple solutions remove unnecessary complexity, adding reliability, improving aesthetics and removing weight. You won't find rattling battery covers, or a spaghetti of cables on Rise, instead our Clean Cockpit, SIC Cables and SBS battery remove distractions, bringing you closer to the ride. RISE CARBON AND ALLOY Rise is available in OMR Carbon, or in our High Polish Alloy. No matter which Rise frame you choose, you can be sure that you are choosing one of the lightest, most playful ebikes out there.
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