One of my earliest memories is the first time I rode a bike without training wheels. I grew up on the eastern shore, in a small town with crushed shell streets. In the summer, water trucks used to spray the shell roads to keep the dust down, and my brother and I would ride our bikes behind the trucks to cool off.

I feel that for a kid, a bike is the first taste of freedom. As I grow older, I still find that same feeling of liberation when I jump on a bike. I’ve been serving the cycling community since 2015, and time and time again I see both the physical and mental benefits of the sport. I truly believe that cycling keeps you young and stokes everyone’s inner-child. A day on your bike in the woods with your friends is a day well-spent.

I met Greg in 2013 when he was wrenching at a local shop, and he was very encouraging and inspired me to push myself to be a better cyclist and eventually learn the mechanical trade. We are so lucky to have an amazing trail system in our back yard that gives us the opportunity to have epic adventures without leaving town.

One of my goals in this new venture is to both promote inclusivity and trail stewardship. Bikes are for everyone and they have the power to inspire awe and bring people together.

Favorite trail snack

Infinit Nutrition, Pickle Juice, Handful of Dates

Favorite place to ride

Avalon/Orange grove, Banneker, BC/Squamish 

Bucket list destination

Moab (the whole enchilada!), Wales, Switzerland