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I was born and raised in Catonsville, which allowed me plenty of opportunity to explore the extensive bike trails of Patapsco State Park. Nowadays I get to share these same trails with my wife and three children.


A few years ago I joined the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. Since then I've had the honor to coach one of our local mountain biking teams - the Catonsville Bolts. All three of my children have had an amazing time on the team, and I look forward to watching their skill sets grow from the lessons they have learned in the woods. 

Why I love bikes

Fun, friends, progress, joy

Favorite trail snack

Pro Bar  (I need a meal in the woods, might be out there all day!) 

Favorite place to ride

Brevard, NC has been my favorite MTB getaway for the last 20 years!

It has some of the best trails around, and their community has grown enormously since my first trips there. I would love to create a similar culture here in Maryland.

Bucket list destination

British Columbia