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To put it simply, finding a new bike can be overwhelming. There are loads of bike specifications to take into consideration (suspension, geometry, size, and materials to name a few), and doing circles in the parking lot just doesn’t equate to getting dirt under the rubber. 

But wait! Dirt Rooster Bicycles is now offering a selection of demo bikes that have been lovingly assembed to optimize your riding experience. Come in and talk to one of our bicycle professionals and get riding on a Demo today!

Banshee Spitfire Small (27.5")

The spitfire is designed from the ground up to be an incredibly rewarding and fun trail bike. 

The progressive suspension provides great trail feedback and response, while enabling you to carve tighter turns and easily hold high lines over roots. We love the spitfire because it is not a plow bike, it thrives when you pick good lines and man-handle it around the trail. For many, (us included) this is what riding really is about. Adding incredible pedal efficiency, rider optimized weight distribution and ergonomics… the spitfire is a true riders favorite.

Now refined utilizing the KS2 linkage, and sporting 135mm of rear wheel travel. The Spitfire V3 is all about trail charging fun!

Banshee Prime Medium (29")

The Prime V3 is the epitome of an ‘all mountain’ bike. From long days in the saddle hunting miles and summits, to hitting steep techy rowdy trails; the prime handles it all in a composed and balanced manner. 

The All Mountain dominator is even better than ever, and ready for your next adventure!

Banshee Prime Large (29")

Finding the perfect balance between playful nature, and the ability to plow through the roughest sections of trail due to the progressive linkage, the Prime V3 enables you to ride faster and more fluid. Combined with optimized weight distribution and ergonomic geometry the prime cannot fail to put a smile on your face.

Moving the Prime to the KS2 linkage platform which has been optimized for All Mountain adventures; the Prime V3 begs to descend even more than its predecessor. While showcasing improved climbing efficiency, and lively, sporty character.

Banshee Phantom Medium (29")

When the Phantom hit the trails in 2015, there really wasn’t a category for this kind of hard charging short travel 29er. Downcountry hadn’t been coined yet, and the 29er haters thought a bike with these numbers could only be for XC and not any fun. Well, the Phantom helped establish a whole new classification. The Phantom V3 proves that 29er’s can definitely be fun, and the short travel 29er shred sled is here to stay.

Banshee Phantom Large (29")

The Phantom V3 now sports the KS2 linkage as well as 115mm of travel. Light and nimble with incredible trail feel, and just the perfect amount of feedback. Forgiving enough for when you push things a bit further or for when the trail pushes back. An absolute blast to ride wherever the trail may lead!